So many people don’t realize that there are kids in our communities that struggle to get food while in school!!!   Last I checked Canada isn’t a 3rd world country, and it blows my mind to see something like this happening in our community.  Did you know that for $600, you can feed a child in our schools for an entire year?  In the grand scheme of things, $600 to feed a kid for an entire school year is a small amount wouldn’t you think?   Just to put things into perspective, for all of you that buy your daily coffee ($1.50), at the end of the year you’ve spent over $600 for something that cost about 25 cents to make yourself, and instead of giving your money away for something you can make in the comfort of your own home, you can feed a child in school for an entire year!!

This is why I came up with  I’ve been working with school officials to somehow do my part in making a difference for someone.  A selfless act goes a long way sometimes, and if I can go to bed at night knowing a kid in school will have at least one warm meal per day for the rest of the school year, it brings me a certain peace of mind.   These donations come with a receipt for tax purposes, although that shouldn’t really matter given the difference you’re making in someone’s life. Contact me if you’d like some more information.

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